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Social Media Impact on Digital Marketing in 2017

Stephen Yap, Fairfield CT

A sales and account management executive residing in Fairfield, CT, Stephen Yap serves as the head of emerging products and markets at Google, Inc., where he oversees the incubation and commercialization of growing markets and enterprise technologies. As part of his job, Stephen Yap keeps abreast of current trends in digital marketing.

One of the most important factors shaping the digital marketing landscape in 2017 is the ongoing prominence of social networks as influencing tools. The way the networks are being engaged, however, continues to change. As these networks find new ways to monetize, companies that seek to leverage them to market their products and services are increasingly finding a “pay-to-play” environment in which they must invest a good chunk of advertising capital to see a significant reach. Couple this with the metrics that show widely differing popularity among social networks among different countries and it becomes incumbent upon digital marketing teams to thoroughly research and target their social campaigns.
One way digital marketing teams are targeting their campaigns is through brand deals with “influencers” who command large social media followings. Rather than simply try to reach users with contextual advertising, the partnerships draw on the growing trend of peer advising in the social networking community, where people are looking more than ever to influential peers for product recommendations and other information to guide buying decisions.

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